Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are you ready for a challenge?

To all of my readers I am sorry I have not been blogging. I had my wisdom teeth out and then suffered through the pain of two dry sockets. While I was recovering I was thinking what would be a fun activity to do on my blog? I thought that a 30 days to a healthier you challenge would be fun.

While I love the idea of getting healthy, I think many people including me lack the motivation and encouragement to get up and put down the bag of chips. The idea of this challenge is to set your own realistic goals that you want to achieve in 30 days. Please share these goals, I will post mine on Monday. I will be tweeting and blogging throughout this challenge to keep everyone motivated. So please come and join me in a 30 day challenge to become healthier. So come February 1 please start the challenge, tell friends and family to take part in this challenge. It is time to help you to help yourself to become healthy

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