Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Cake!

My favorite part of a birthday is the cake, but it is expensive to buy a cute cake from the bakery and sometimes their cakes don't taste good. I use to be intimidated to bake cakes, but has many videos that will help you learn to decorate cakes. This tutorial is the way I like to do this cake, but there are alternative ways to decorate it. Try using m&ms as a border, add sprinkles on it, or use different noise makers (The dollar store has cute princess ones). So here is a cake that you can do easily at home and people will be amazed at you talent.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas in October?

Yes, I know it is not even Halloween yet but Christmas is right around the corner. I have gotten hooked on reading Abbi's blog especially the section devoted to handmade Christmas present. These ideas will inspire you to make gifts for you loved ones. Please check out her blog and stay tune for tutorials and holiday gift ideas!  Look for the link in my side bar.   

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Projects Coming Soon!

Yesterday I just got my sewing machine back from getting cleaned! They cleaned, oiled, adjusted the timing and the tension so now I can get back to sewing. What does this mean to you? Brand new tutorials and I will be adding new items to my etsy store. While you are visiting my blog check out my father's blog!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Make a Felt Strawberry

For my niece's birthday she wanted play food. So when I went shopping to find her some play food I found that the food was cheaply made and expensive. While inspecting the food I realized that it wouldn't be hard to make it myself. So I went home and created this felt strawberry.

First you will want to cut a circle out of red felt and fold it in half as seen in picture 2.
Then you will want to sew the straight end shut with red thread.
Now turn the felt right side out and take black thread and sew seeds on it.
Stuff with cotton and sew the top shut.
Next cut a top out of green felt and sew it on.
Now you have your own felt strawberry for your children to play with!

Picture 2


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