Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Make a Felt Strawberry

For my niece's birthday she wanted play food. So when I went shopping to find her some play food I found that the food was cheaply made and expensive. While inspecting the food I realized that it wouldn't be hard to make it myself. So I went home and created this felt strawberry.

First you will want to cut a circle out of red felt and fold it in half as seen in picture 2.
Then you will want to sew the straight end shut with red thread.
Now turn the felt right side out and take black thread and sew seeds on it.
Stuff with cotton and sew the top shut.
Next cut a top out of green felt and sew it on.
Now you have your own felt strawberry for your children to play with!

Picture 2

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  1. That is cute! I have never made felt "food" but I have seen other ideas as well that would be very fun to make. And you are right that you can make it much cheaper and better than what you can buy.
    Thanks for linking it up to A Handmade Christmas.