Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 9

As you know I play the violin. When I play I use a violin rest also known as a Kun. I had the hardest time finding a way to carry it, finally I made a pouch that attached to my violin case. Although I used this for my violin rest this can also be used as a pencil or crayon pouch.

                                                                              Step 1: Cut out the desired shape.
(mine is  5 inches wide and 12 inches long)

Step 2: Make your desired loop and put it in on the right side of your fabric.  Picture 3 will show you how it looks on the wrong side.

Step 3: Sew all three sides leaving an opening at the top. Make sure you sew over your loop on you side hem (my loop is on the right    side  of picture 2)  

Step 4: Sew your Velcro and you are finished. Turn right side out and admire your work. This gift would be cute with a homemade music book, or with crayons or pencils in it.     

1 comment:

  1. Good idea! I am thankful that my violin case is big enough so that my shoulder rest fits in it. I remember when I had a case that was to small though! A bag would have been nice.